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Rivers of the Mind

Sep 1, 2017

John Silvers, a homeless geologist, traded a few healing crystals to someone in a small Texas town for seven tabs of acid. It's been 34 hours since he took the acid, and he hasn't come down. What can possibly help? Vitamin B and niacin? Breathing exercises and meditation? 

NOTE: This show is not meant to promote the use of legal or illegal drugs. All events portrayed in this series are strictly fictional, and any resemblance to actual events is coincidental.

Written by Timothy Vilgiate
Scored by Joshua Aldrich
Production/Engineering by Joshua Aldrich
Edited by Timothy Vilgiate 

Timothy Vilgiate: John Silvers, Ahmed, Voice in Parking Lot
Michelle Pearl: Women in Parking Lot
Kyla Valenti: Meagan
Cameron Mayfield: Manager of the Walmart
Jareth Spirio: Arthur Callaway

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