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Rivers of the Mind

Sep 21, 2018

Meagan and the other victims of the disaster all arrive at the Horizon One Deep Space Laboratory, uncertain of what awaits them within.

Kyla Valenti as Meagan
C.j. Hackett as the Fisherman, Timmy Vilgiate
Timmy Vilgiate as Tuba player 2, 3 and 4.
Isioma West as Dr. Whitebalm, Tuba player 1
Daniel Rojas as Nurse, Soldier, President Donald Trump
Ray Yost as Cassandra, Space Force Pilot
Collin Estes as Dr. O, Space Force Command
Donna Yu as Maureen

A production of UCCS Radio and the tentatively named "Deep State Invisible Television Company"

Haley Grace Palten on Viola
Music: Demons Have Machines by CJ Hackett dba Timmy Vilgiate

CJ Hackett dba Timmy Vilgiate also wrote, engineered, and produced the series.

Sound Effects mostly from
Electric Shock Kev_Durr
Door Closing InspectorJ
Punch in Face Humaanatio
Nasty Knife Stab Aris621
Slimy Flesh by iampagan
Bouncing glass marbles by Cymeon
Hospital Busy X-ray Room by Sagnik Basu
Hospital Corridor by Bassboybg
Footsteps, Concrete, A by InspectorJ
Tram Inside by kneedless