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Rivers of the Mind

Oct 5, 2018

Dr. Whitebalm and Meagan have a conversation. Gerry sees his doctor. John is forced into a terrible decision.

This episode contains content that may be disturbing for some listeners.

Timmy Vilgiate: John, Gerry
C.j. Hackett: Timmy Vilgiate, The Fisherman
Kyla Valenti: Meagan
Isioma West: Dr. Whitebalm
Collin Estes: Dr. Oregano or Origami or whoever the hell
Cameron Mayfield: Scientist 1
Aaron Mayfield: Scientist 2

Special thanks to Sophie Doss for helping me pick the right frequencies for my florescent lights.

Written by C.j. Hackett dba Timmy Vilgiate
End Music: I am the yeti by A Bad Night For a Hero

Sound effects from
Steam by sniperous
Air Conditioner Intake by stiffman
Air conditioner idling by domrodrig
Corridor Chatter by total cult
Distant Metallic Stairs by Rutger Muller
broken refrigerator 2015 by gordonjcowan
florescent light by repew1
steps by martian