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Rivers of the Mind

Aug 11, 2019

Phillip gets awakened in the middle of the night to help the police track down Meagan after she broke out of the military base. Grace struggles with her mysterious sensitivity to Ryan's disruptions to the timeline.

Michelle Pearl as Grace, Marcia

Timmy Vilgiate as Phillip, Cameron

text2speech dot org as Salvia divinorum

C.j. Hackett as Ryan, Ryan, Ryan

Aaron Mayfield as the Chief

Collin Estes as Agent Carter

Dominick Vilgiate as Jacob

Jareth Spirio as Colonel Imes



Written and produced by Timmy Vilgiate


Ambience Coffee Shop 2 and door creak 02 by Jarred Gibb;
nokia ringtone with vibration by izalew;
evil laugh by zyrytsounds;
evil laugh 9 by nanakisan;
phone dialing by Harry Peeks;
footsteps down stairs 3 by sinatra 314; 
indoor footsteps by dkiller2204; 
radio click 2, radio click 3, radio click noise 3 by erh;
snare police radio over beep by flyin eye;
03 knocking on window by 15hpanska ruttner jan;
car window down and car window up by sandermotions;
machines at work by James Gilsenan
ambience night crickets 1car pass by mshahen
city at night ambience by Broken Head Productions