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Rivers of the Mind

Jan 19, 2019

John returns from the ocean of dreams to wait out the night with Sapphire and Carlos. 

Note: Contains content that may be disturbing or inappropriate for some listeners. Listener discretion is advised. 


Timmy Vilgiate: John
Sophie Doss: Sapphire
Daniel Rojas: Carlos

Music (In order of appearance)

Scopolamine Theme: Timmy Vilgiate
Mr. Tambourine Man (Cover): Bob Dylan, performed by Timmy Vilgiate. (Licensed through Easy Song Licensing) 
Sapphire's Theme: Timmy Vilgiate
Fake Dubstep: Timmy Vilgiate
Lady's Wilson: Cameron Mayfield aka. Plant Decor


Music and Words Written by Timothy Vilgiate
Produced and Engineered by Timothy Vilgiate
Foley Assistance from Sophie Doss

Sound Effects (Freesound)

Sub Drop Smooth by New Age Soup
Cheer Crowd by Johanneskristjansson. 
CeramicCupBreak by mikaelfernstrom
Small Crowd Cheering and Clapping 3 by Adam_N
ambience mac donalds by Thoryn
Applause 11 (Very Long) by FunWithSound
Ken788 Crowd Cheering
Pachamama by reveling_john (A speech by Terrence McKenna on Feminism and Space Travel)
Analog Drone 1 by ddermanis