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Rivers of the Mind

Nov 30, 2018

Ryan's surprising maneuver from the last episode begins to make sense to John.

Timothy Vilgiate: John
C.j. Hackett: Timmy Vilgiate, Ryan, The Fisherman, "Ryan"
Isioma West: Dr. Whitebalm
Kyla Valenti: Meagan
Daniel Rojas: Dr. Jules and Carlos
Sophie Doss: Sapphire
Donna Yu: Maureen

Cameron Mayfield: Old...

Nov 16, 2018

Having ascended the stairway and reached the door, John, now a ghost, wonders whether or not he can trust Ryan.

Contains material that may be disturbing or inappropriate for some listeners. Listening discretion is advised. There is a gun shot, and some references to torture and suicide.

Timmy Vilgiate: John,...

Nov 2, 2018

John comes face to face with another version Ryan, who has kept him imprisoned inside of his own mind for thousands of years.

Timmy Vilgiate: John, The Stairway, The Door
C.j. Hackett: Timmy Vilgiate, Ryan, The Fisherman, A Storm That Cannot Be Heard

Score by Cameron Israel Mayfield with some elements by...