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Rivers of the Mind

Feb 16, 2020

Sapphire and John enter Oi, and the prophet takes Sapphire to a temple built for foreign gods and foreign prophets. 


Timmy Vilgiate: John
Sophia Doss: Sapphire
C.j. Hackett: Oi'te'lotep


Natalie Ruths, Elannia Lake, Joshua Leano, Daniel Rojas, Cindy Verzwyvelt, Christina Vilgiate, Marissa Burdette, Anthony...

Feb 2, 2020

John and Sapphire have an unexpected encounter while traveling along the vein of silver they discovered in the previous episode.


Timmy Vilgiate: John;
Sophie Doss: Sapphire;
C.j. Hackett: Prophet Oi'te'lotep


Joshua Leano (Featured as an old man at a threshold), Daniel Rojas (Featured as a sculptor), Cindy...