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Rivers of the Mind

Jul 14, 2019

Picking up where the Untitled Finale Episode left off, this shows the other side of the military response to the accident.

Timmy Vilgiate: Phillip
Collin Estes: Dusty, Agent Carter
Michelle Pearl: Grace, Marcia
Aaron Mayfield: The Chief

Music, production, recording, and script by Timmy Vilgiate.

Sound Effects from Freesound(.org)

Phone Ringing by Ferrettomatto
AmbienceConversation by BlancaBartual
Distant Ambulance Siren by BrunoBoselli
Ambience in a Parking Lot by botha9johann
Carpet Footsteps by 180156
crowd sm conf rm jumbled conversations by cognituperceptu
crowd sm conf rm jumbled conversations 2 by cognituperceptu
medium crowd murmering [sic] by jentlemen
G16-11-Police Teletype and Ambience by craigsmith
shop-door-bell by 3bagbrew

Tweets from Marianne Williamson read by Timmy Vilgiate and embedded in the background.