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Rivers of the Mind

Jul 28, 2019

On the verge of shooting at a car parked in front of his house because he believes it to be beaming a voice into his mind, Dusty starts to recall what happened to his father.

Trigger warning: Includes several gunshots


Collin Estes: Dusty, Dr. Adam Haverford

Michelle Pearl: Young Dusty

Timothy Vilgiate: The Narrator, Social Worker

Sophia Doss: Aunt Amelia


Writing, recording and music by Timmy Vilgiate
Sound effects from


machine gun shooting by deleted-user-7146007

cardboardboxes-01 by soundslike joe

stir fry 02 by lg

door wood pool shed shack open by kyles

bark wave leighlah f female furry funny by balanced energy 10

vietnamese group of women speaking all at the same time by tim sippala

embroidery machine by n8daly

loupe 0023 by adralba

helicopter ride interior omni mics roland r26 by gladkiy

dry leaves isolated crackling by liancu 

puppy hassling by cass bass

chain drag floor by hitrison

paper crumple rip unwrap gift by johson brand editing

ar-15 rifle shot by michorvath

sizzling by jasonelrod 

campfire 2 01 by bobv2

birds1-1644-fs-mst1 by naturenutt

countryside in texas insects and birds by felix blume