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Rivers of the Mind

Aug 18, 2019

Phillip has his coffee date with Marcia, and it goes differently than he expected. Grace meets up with Dusty to tell him about what she saw the night before. 


Timmy Vilgiate: Phillip

Michelle Pearl: Grace, Marcia

Collin Estes: Dusty, Coffee Shop Cashier



Written, recorded, and produced by Timmy Vilgiate


SOUND EFFECTS (All from Freesound)

Coffee shop ambience by Jared Gibb;
milk frother latte cappuchino by Spanrucker
door bell a by kwahmah 02 
countryside by Bruno Boselli
button by smart8951
residential ambience birds air loop mono by fun
back door open and close by todd bradley
footsteps on dirt by lzmraul 
door open close by amholma
padlock chain lock unlock by leonelmail
trolley over floor by janevdmerwe
footsteps on concrete by florianreichelt
aggressive clatter 02 by leonel mail
clattering metal objects 2 by ohr pilot
clatter by soundsexciting