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Rivers of the Mind

Jan 13, 2019

Seeking a drug-language that can help her fall asleep, Meagan inadvertently dials a celestial shamanic hotline, entering the Great Realm of the Ancestors.

WARNING: Contains content that may be disturbing or inappropriate for some listeners.

Kyla Valenti: Meagan
Michelle Pearl: Celestial Answering Machine, Meagan's Ancestor
Dylan Tilton: Guy on DMT
Jareth Spirio: Amanita shaman
Amy Otero: The Wise Companion Lindsey
Sophie Doss: The Foolish Companion Amber

Written, produced and scored by Timmy Vilgiate
Recorded by Timmy Vilgiate and Kyla Valenti

"Scopolamine/Rivers of the Mind Medley in F minor" by Timmy Vilgiate
Improvisation on Viola by Haley Grace Palten
"Miracle Cure" by Timmy Vilgiate

Room Tone-p1 mod2b by toiletrolltube
Creaking bed by lucy4
Footsteps Pacing Back and Forth by ultradust
zombies by Erdie
Zombies by xtrgamr
x_explosion by cubicApocalypse
Large Crash by CGEffex
Dawn Chorus in an Aspen Grove by tim.kahn
38_farawaydrums_mushroomcamp by LukeIRL
Breeze rustling in trees by nhgk178
High School Exterior Ambience by moviebuffgavin
INT Bedroom tone 3 by Adam_N
Hallway by amszala
All from Freesound(.org)