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Rivers of the Mind

Feb 2, 2019

Meagan attempts to escape from the base in order to find tobacco, but real tobacco, to stop the white flowers, as she believes her ancestor instructed her to do in a vision. She soon finds herself in unexpected danger.

Kyla Valenti: Meagan
Donna Yu: Maureen
Dylan Tilton: Bobby
C.j. Hackett: Gas Station Clerk
Dominick Vilgiate: Jacob
Timmy Vilgiate: The Moon, Cameron

Script, sound design, recording, directing, score by Timmy Vilgiate
Series art by Jesse Robertson
Sound alike music by Collin Estes

"Norepinephrine" by Timmy Vilgiate
"Section 107 of the Copyright Act: Limitations on Exclusive Rights: Fair Use as performed by David Bowie", by Collin Estes
"Take the Kill" by A Bad Night For A Hero/The Yeti

SOUND EFFECTS (only ones from freesound are listed)
Stairwell with Echo Front by ibirdfilm
Flames 1 by Shastrocks
Bowed 01 by soundjoao
metal gate by OldSchool_
city night hum 04 160927_0989 by klankbeeld
City Night Ambience w: Airplane_1-2 by SteveMannella
Small rocks in a creek by Hitrison
Ambiance_Night_Crickets_1Car_Pass by mshahen
Irritating flourescent light hum by pfranzen
Utility room front by blaukreuz
Frog croaking by Benboncan
City at Night_Ambience by Broken_Head_Productions
Road ambiance - Passing cars by Breviceps
Heavy Breathing by Shinplaster
ohm_singing_cool2_cut2 by thanvannispen
sh_shop_door_bell_openclose by shall555
Cicada, Close, A by InspectorJ
car door opening5 by supersnd
car door slam by theshaggyfreak
Ambiance Idling Car by 1san
p22 by stixthule
Sweep-cymbal by hannagreen
Drone_BowedCybmal [sic] by ceich93
Cymbal_Swell_106 by FiatLuxx