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Rivers of the Mind

Mar 10, 2019

Caught off guard by Meagan's decision to seek the help of tobacco, Ryan scrambles to stop his younger self before its too late, no matter the cost.

Features content that may be disturbing for some listeners. Trigger warning for anyone who has recently lost a family member or been affected, directly or indirectly, by drug abuse/overdose.

Timmy Vilgiate: John, "John"
Sophie Doss: Sapphire
C.j. Hackett: Ryan, the Fisherman
Daniel Rojas: Carlos
Christina Vilgiate: Ryan's Mom
Kyla Valenti: Meagan
Jareth Spirio: Colonel Imes
Dominick Vilgiate: Jacob

Produced and Written by Timmy Vilgiate. Recorded in Colorado Springs, CO by Timmy, and Houghton, MI by Kyla Valenti.
Music by Timmy Vilgiate.
End Credits song: Crimson by C.j. Hackett/The Yeti ( recorded in collaboration with Timmy Vilgiate (

SOUND EFFECTS (all from Freesound[.]org)

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Bottle, Breaking by cmusounddesign
Fire Crackle and Flames 002 by FractalStudios
Beer,Bottle,Drag,Cement,Resonant by jaimage
room-tone hallway small by klankbeeld
Distant_gunfire_01 by CGEffex
Distant_gunfire_02 by CGEffex
Distant_gunfire_03 by CGEffex
distant explosion by reznik_Krkovick
Domstraat gil by borQue
Water_Flood_enhanced by KevinT1001
rescue sounds by cognito perceptu
distant fire truck by whoagoody
tumble_downstairs_a by malexmedia
Smashing head on wall by pfranzen
Hitting in a Face florianreichelt
Long_scream by plagasul
Electric Zap - Electricity by Wakerone
Electric Zap - Electricity 2 by Wakerone
Battering ram banging on a door by schots
Scream NO – Man by guamorims
Crowd Screaming, A by InspectorJ
panic by Erdie
human male scream small crowd panic fear by JohnsonBrandE
Real M16 (shot) by Carmelomike
ghost_sounds by fishwithfeathers
psycho scream 1 by FreqMan
Multiple Female Sceams by megmcduffee
Sounds recorded in Decatur Georgia by microdac
Ambiance_Suburbian Forest by lzmraul
Forest01 by Erdie
Flames by juskiddink
Flames 1 by shastrocks