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Rivers of the Mind

Nov 16, 2018

Having ascended the stairway and reached the door, John, now a ghost, wonders whether or not he can trust Ryan.

Contains material that may be disturbing or inappropriate for some listeners. Listening discretion is advised. There is a gun shot, and some references to torture and suicide.

Timmy Vilgiate: John, "John", John
C.j. Hackett: Ryan, The Fisherman, "Ryan", Timmy Vilgiate
Sophie Doss: Sapphire
Daniel Rojas: Carlos
Kyla Valenti: Meagan
Isioma West: Dr. Whitebalm

Piano Improvisation (clumsy/cheery) by newagesoup
Rowboat Theme by Timmy Vilgiate
I Will Become by Timmy Vilgiate

Sound Design, Writing, Production, Direction by Timmy Vilgiate
Subliminal Messages, Manipulation, Puppeteering by C.j. Hackett

SOUND EFFECTS (All taken from, a good website)
Scary Harbor Atmosphere by Kyster
Hospital Busy X-ray Room Tone by Sagnik_Basu
Heart Rate - Normal, Increased Rate, Cardiac Arrest, Flatline by thegreatperson
Highflow River by Kagan Celik
Dripping Water Cave Waves by Maurice_J_K
Layered Gunshot 1 by Xenonn

Want to read the script to see what I left out and what I improvised? It's here: