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Rivers of the Mind

Feb 16, 2020

Sapphire and John enter Oi, and the prophet takes Sapphire to a temple built for foreign gods and foreign prophets. 


Timmy Vilgiate: John
Sophia Doss: Sapphire
C.j. Hackett: Oi'te'lotep


Natalie Ruths, Elannia Lake, Joshua Leano, Daniel Rojas, Cindy Verzwyvelt, Christina Vilgiate, Marissa Burdette, Anthony Carlson, Priscilla Yip, Collin Estes, Erin Caitlinn, and Anthony Vilgiate.


Performed by Timmy Vilgiate on prepared mandolin, mandola, guitar, and analog synthesizer.


From  "Italian village no traffic" by squidge316, "Highflow River" by Cagan Celik, "G52-05 Ox Cart" by craigsmith, "Crowd Drums" by dobroide,  "Dolen village July morning..." by mihal40, "street-market-2" by stevious, "chinese flute hulusi" by iluppai, "crowd yay applause 25 people" by Jesse Pash, and "crowd cheer" by Adam n.