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Rivers of the Mind

Apr 18, 2020

Sapphire and John rest beside the river Ia, still unsure of the real nature of the world in which they are stranded. 

NOTE: The show contains material that may be disturbing or triggering to some people. 

Timmy Vilgiate played the parts of John and Eurycleo, Sophie Doss played the part of Sapphire, Nicholas Kline played the part of Telemakso, and Michael Merriam played the part of Dedjerba. The show was written, produced, and scored by Timmy Vilgiate.

Sound effects were provided by, including "highflow river" by Cagan Celik, "think funny" by shawshank 73, bris-015 by Andre Desartistes, "r21-33 man sobs" by Craig Smith, "woman screaming yelling..." by bulbastre, "footsteps squeeky wood" by tmkappelt, "kocking door and open door" by rivernile7, 
"1-getting-dressed" by 16gjuroval, and "foley footsteps desert boots sand" by pan14."