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Rivers of the Mind

May 4, 2020

John and Sapphire journey along the river Ia with their new friend Dedjerba, arriving at the city Ntia. 

Timmy Vilgiate played the part of John, Eurycleo, and several miscellaneous sailors and crowd members, Michael Merriam played the part of Dedjerba, Sophia Doss played the part of Sapphire, and Nicholas Kline played the part of Telemakso. 

Rivers of the Mind is written, produced, and scored by Timmy Vilgiate. Sound effects were provided by, including "a little bit drunk" by carmsie, "crowd cheering" by soundsexciting, "crowd cheer 2" by adam n, "water dam on teterev river" by gerainsan, "italy venice square day amb with live music" by yoh, "noises and music in the alleys of venice" by michel, "lakesup-park-summerafternoorfrontlr" by mitchell sounds, "gentle creek in rainforest with cicadas" by flood mix, "waterfall" by straget, "footsteps on a dock" by mmaruska, "footsteps wood 01" by anthousai, "footsteps shoes hollow wood platform" by kyles, "footsteps on wood" by mydo1, "Moored sailboat interior in strong breeze." by August Sandberg, "strumming sounds" by gobby 12, "tie the boat" by laurent, and "plastic creek 01" by dheming.