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Rivers of the Mind

May 17, 2020

Dedjerba and John share a pot of tea, and discuss their travels while Sapphire heads out to see the city. John continues to try to figure out the nature of the alternate reality they are trapped in.

Featuring Michael Merriam as Dedjerba, Timmy Vilgiate as John, and Sophie Doss as Sapphire. Music provided by priest and strings ("H(n)A(o)T(t)E, W(n)A(o)N(t)T") and Soapstone Tpcastt ("The Miner's Ballad.") in addition to Hollow Sky by Timmy Vilgiate.

Sound effects provided by, including "clothes rustling by tats14, "taking off and putting on shoes" by leonelmail, "wooden door" by vero marengere, "pouring tea into a cup in morocco" by florianreichelt, "pouring a cup of tea" by nebulous flynn", "logs being thrown into basket" by prabaker60, "matchstrike01" by kingsrow, "pan pot wok metal glass dish lift cupboard" by spanrucker, "aachen burning fireplace crackling fire sounds" by visionear, "bag 02" by detamine, "squeaky cabinet" by bormane, "filling teapot" by landub, "sipping tea" by indiana parkwars, "slurping" by nomfundo-k, "night party crowd singing in braulage", "footsteps on wood" by mydo1,  and"footsteps shoes hollow wood platform" by kyles.