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Rivers of the Mind

Nov 2, 2018

John comes face to face with another version Ryan, who has kept him imprisoned inside of his own mind for thousands of years.

Timmy Vilgiate: John, The Stairway, The Door
C.j. Hackett: Timmy Vilgiate, Ryan, The Fisherman, A Storm That Cannot Be Heard

Score by Cameron Israel Mayfield with some elements by Timothy Vilgiate
Guitar played by Cameron Israel Mayfield
Piano and synthesizer played by Timmy Vilgiate
Cameron Israel Mayfield (who performs as Plant Decor) contributed the following songs: "Iron(Reprise)", "Stair Step Swells (Counting Each)",  "Insomnis"

Sound effects
down_pitched_wood_floor_creaks by Keston
zombie-monster-scream by Redafs
door-open-and-close by rivernile7 
old-stairs by sempoo

Want to read the script to see what I left out and what I improvised? It's here: