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Rivers of the Mind

Jul 7, 2019

The other side of Untitled Finale Episode, from Phillip and Grace's perspectives. 

To follow this arc by itself, listen to S1.5E1, S1.5E3, S1.5E5, and S1.5E6. 

Timmy Vilgiate: Phillip
Michelle Pearl: Grace, German Man, Marcia
Aaron Mayfield: The Chief
Collin Estes: Dusty

Written, produced, and engineered by Timmy Vilgiate. 
Music by Timmy Vilgiate: Rivers of the Mind Season 2.5 Theme
Sound effects either produced in house or downloaded from FreeSound (see webpage)

SFX from Freesound(.org)

the-bizness: sim police siren
shall555: sh-shop-door-bell-openclose