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Rivers of the Mind

Jul 21, 2019

At the site of the explosion, Phillip meets Dr. Whitebalm for the first time, and Agent Carter attempts to see if he and Grace are working with "Dean Heyerdahl."

Collin Estes: Agent Carter
Timmy Vilgiate: Phillip
Michelle Pearl: Grace
Isioma West: Dr. Whitebalm
C.j. Hackett: Ryan

Written and produced by Timmy Vilgiate

SOUND EFFECTS (From Freesound)

Distant_gunfire_01 by CGEffex
Distant_gunfire_02 by CGEffex
Distant_gunfire_03 by CGEffex
distant explosion by reznik_Krkovick
panic by Erdie
zombies by Erdie
human male scream small crowd panic fear by JohnsonBrandE
ghost_sounds by fishwithfeathers
muffled distant explosion by nenadsimic
moans and screams of agony of military soldiers by qubodup
collision by quobodup
plane crash by quobodup
quake with crash by theminkman
girl giggling by madamvicious
explosion simulation by allanz10d
haunted shrils by squashy555
x explosion by cubicanocalypse
distant explosion by reznik krkovicka
my tinnitus sound by hear no elvis
distant ambulance siren by brunoboselli